Additive Manufacturing

3D Sand Printing

The S-Max™ system, designed for sand casting foundries, prints complex and accurate sand cores and molds directly from CAD data, eliminating the need for a physical pattern.

What is 3D Sand Printing?

Sand printing technology leverages a technique called  “binder jetting”, which uses a binder polymer to bind the particles together into a physical 3D model. This can be used to produce finished products or molds for an alternative material to be poured into. Sand printing uses a layer-by-layer printing process that allows the creation of parts with complex internal and external geometries. These layers are defined by slicing the computer part models into thin sections. The sand particles are bound together by a binder “glue” that solidifies the particles into the 3D shape.

Why Use Sand Printing?


        -Complex assemblies as one core

        -Small production runs

        -MUCH more!

3D Printing Advantages

Quick Turnaround

Cores and molds printed for immediate casting.


Combine printed cores with conventional sand molds.

Precision Accuracy

Highly accurate printing process guarantees highly accurate cores.

Rapid Change

Small adjustments and even major changes can be implemented immediately!

SLA & FDM Printing

Why use SLA and FDM Printing

-Great for machine jigs

-Rapid prototypes AND production parts

-Perfect for fixture components

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