Since 1981, we’ve built
a reputation for performance.
Performance without limits.

    I have worked with Liberty Pattern for over 30 years while employed at 3 aerospace foundries.  As with all suppliers, we compare the value of product & services received to the cost.  Liberty Pattern ranks at the top of the list.  Most of the tooling purchased involves complex tooling for aluminum and magnesium aerospace castings, gaging for core assemblies and pre-machining fixtures.  In addition, Liberty models and constructs the gating and provides iron castings (chills) used in the assemblies.  As part of their initial quotation we receive a preliminary tool assembly design with helps us convince our customers that were the best supplier for them.  We spend a lot of time with their engineers on tool design and find that they have anticipated potential problems and offer realistic solutions. 
    Developing new aerospace castings can be a long and involved process.  A large part is meeting schedules.  Liberty Pattern has the technical capability, staff and commitment to meet promised deliveries.  We have experienced this time and time again.  Liberty Pattern meets their commitments and our expectations!

    — Paul Olson, Director of Engineering, Azusa, Cudahy & Pomona

    It must have been 1992 when Bill August called at our Foundry in Larbert, Scotland. We were one year in to our experiences with a brand new Hunter 10 machine and struggling desperately to find a quality pattern making outfit who understood the casting business and could price work competitively. That competency was to be found at Bill’s Liberty Pattern Company. 22 years on and a generation down the line at both companies, we still order 100% of our pattern requirement from Liberty Pattern.

    Gary, Mike, Leo, Linda, Steve, Carl and all the others – what a team! And it does not stop there - many new faces are appearing and the skills and enthusiasm are perpetuated in another generation of youngsters, both family and general employees.

    Best regards Gary and congratulations to you and your team. You have a remarkable company with a great ethos and record of excellence. Keep up the good work.

    — Andrew Drysdale, Drysdale Brothers (Larbert) Ltd., Managing Director

    Throughout my thirty-five year career in the casting field, I have yet to find a more capable pattern shop to support the foundry efforts. Liberty Pattern has always been state of the art, not only in the shop equipment they have available on the floor, but in their approach to actual pattern engineering and construction as well.

    — Dick Snyder

    Liberty Pattern is a very valuable tooling supplier to Fansteel Wellman Dynamics. Their response to help us has met or exceeded our customers’ expectations and requirements. This has benefited us greatly in the industry.

    — Bob Hundley, Fansteel Wellman Dynamics

    It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Liberty Pattern for well over 20 years in building new patterns, dies, fixtures and even on occasion short run machine samples. When thinking of Liberty a number of words come to mind like Integrity, Loyalty, Superior Quality and Accuracy. Liberty is also one that does not sit back and let the world come to them, they continually are active in looking at ways to improve products and speed to market utilizing new technology and supporting their customer goals no matter what the obstacle.  I would HIGHLY recommend Liberty Pattern to anyone looking for a high performance pattern shop as I look forward to many more years of working with them as well.

    — Bob LaFurge, United Technologies Aerospace Systems

    In one word – Liberty Pattern is REALIABLE – you always know what you’re getting and when --- If you’re looking for state of the art tooling, look no further than New Liberty, Iowa -- home of Liberty Pattern Company. Chicago Magnesium Casting Co. has used Liberty for over 20 Years – to make some of the most complex aerospace tools in the world. One crazy thing they always do is deliver your pattern equipment in PERSON.  This personal touch just adds to the fact that you know the tooling you’re getting will make the perfect casting for YOUR customer.

    — Richard D. Burnett, President, Chicago Magnesium

    Custom-Pak has done business with Liberty Pattern for probably 25 years now. Helping us build blow molds. Gary August and his team have always done a super job with anything we have given them. We rely on Liberty Pattern and the skills they have for 5-axis work when we just don't have the time in our machines. They have also done a fair amount of 3 axis CNC work for us through the years. We ask how long it will take them to complete the task we request and they will get it done within that time frame. Gary August and Steve Slininger are very professional yet personable. I would recommend Liberty Pattern for any type of pattern work or machining knowing that it will get done on time.

    — Mike Grinnall, Custom-Pak, PDC Facilitator

    I have had the pleasure of working with Liberty Pattern over the course of the past 25 years or so. I think of them not only as a supplier of premium quality patterns and fixtures but also as my friends. The work that they do is with no doubt in my mind the best in the business. From customer service to custom machining they always meet or exceed expectations. Great work guys.

    — John Krisko, AZUSA, Engineering Manager
    Phone 563-843-3569 563-843-3569
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    New Liberty, Iowa
    • CAD Design

    • Pattern Shop

    • Metal Shop

    • Metrology

    • Fixture Dept.

    • CNC Dept.

      About Us

      Liberty Pattern Company serves the world in the design and production of casting tooling for the aerospace, aircraft, agricultural, automotive and many other industries. Since 1981, we’ve built a reputation for performance. It’s evident in our attention to detail, the way we track every job for accuracy and accountability and our trademark consistent, on-time delivery. We’ve become a recognized leader in pattern engineering and our customers trust our judgment and rely on us for solutions. We know how to resolve the most complex circumstances intuitively. This foresight is a valuable core strength.

      Liberty Pattern holds fast to the value of old-time craftsmanship, while at the same being completely immersed in the latest techniques and technologies. We ride the wave of new technology, constantly upgrading our CAD and manufacturing techniques for your benefit. We perform without limits, whether it’s one piece or several hundred, to the most exacting tolerances.

      Liberty Pattern’s vast experience makes us a valuable partner with highly skilled patternmakers, support personnel and management. Our work flow integrates smoothly throughout our manufacturing departments – Wood & Plastic, Metal, Fixtures, Metrology and the CAD/CNC Shops.

      We’re family owned with a heritage of unsurpassed productivity. We make it happen fast, accurate and profitable for you. 38,000 sq. ft. of climate controlled casting tooling capability is at your disposal.

      Our concurrent engineering approach employs a proven teamwork philosophy that delivers your product on time and on budget anywhere in the world.

      Liberty Pattern Company offers Performance Without Limits!


      Vision Statement

      Our vision is to be the global leader that provides quality pattern tooling, fixtures and machining services by empowering and equipping our employees to be the best in the industry.

      Mission Statement

      Liberty Pattern Co. is a “Full Service Patternmaking Company” which provides the foundry industry with quality products, on time deliveries and customer satisfaction at competitive prices. This is accomplished by providing quality patterns and customer service that is second to none.


        The Right Mix – It takes more than a warm body with good intentions to do the job for you. It takes more than advanced technology and a huge stock of on- site materials. Although we strategically set the stage for the best outcomes with the best technology, our people truly are Liberty Pattern’s top asset. We are staffed with dedicated specialists in each department throughout our shop. They are united in performing to your highest level of expectations.

        Each one offers the right mix of education and on-the-job experience. Liberty Pattern pursues talent that has been shaped by the industry. We maximize their potential by providing state of the art equipment in each department. We take extra steps to strengthen overall performance with two highly skilled administrators. They are the advance professionals who expedite your calls, assure work flow, monitor inventory, accounting and an in-house payroll system. When accuracy and short turnarounds are the order of the day you can count on Liberty Pattern.

        But the true test of any company is the loyalty and commitment of its people. With an impressive average of 13 years employment with Liberty Pattern, we deliver the right mix of talent, training and real-world experience to serve the pattern industry above all expectations.

        Better performance begins with the right credentials: experience, skill, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. With that work ethic and the best tools of the trade, it’s clear that we offer the right mix for your project. It’s expressed this way: Better Equipment + Better People = Better Performance. There’s no limit to what we can do for you.


          One Size Fits All – We have 38,000 sq. ft. to work with. But it’s more than size that allowed us to become a premiere pattern shop. The quality of our products demand ultra-productivity out of every square inch.

          When you fabricate everything from raw materials to the finished product, it’s important that you have the best equipment, the best people and synergistic, strong work ethic under that roof.

          Liberty Pattern is committed to one stop fabrication on every job drawing from materials in-house. That requires sustaining a well-equipped, technology-driven environment and stocking large supplies of raw materials to assure fast turnarounds. We do our homework to keep current on the most productive tools in the industry.
          We’re equipped for maximum performance on every level. Liberty Pattern brings vast experience to the table. We’re comfortable with a wide variety of pattern scenarios that allows us to be on the same page with you.

          It’s not by chance that our people have the expertise that measures up to the level of our equipment. As a matter of fact, it’s essential to assure The Best Performance.


            Raising A Thoroughbred – You could see our bloodlines were right from the very beginning. Liberty refused to accept second best performance from the minute we opened the doors in 1981. It was just a two-bay service station the day before. But from that July morning on up to our first customer in September, and from manual technology to the most sophisticated CNC equipment on the planet, Liberty Pattern Company was in the race to finish in the winner’s circle.

            That requires top quality work and on-time, or better yet early deliveries. With this dedicated work ethic, we grew from that little service station to a completely modern 38,000 sq. ft. facility under one roof. An impressive achievement.  When you do it for over 30 years, becomes championship level performance surpassing every expectation. The kind you expect from a true thoroughbred.

            July 1981 – Liberty Pattern Company was founded by Bill & Gelene August.
            September 1981 – We were awarded purchase orders from three customers.
            October 1981 – Hired our first employee, Gary August.
            1982 – The first addition of 3,000 sq. ft. was built.
            1983 – We grew to five employees.
            1984 – We fabricated our first aerospace pattern with seven employees.
            1985 – The second expansion of 10,000 sq. ft. was built to house ten employees
            1986 – Became leaders in computer-generated pattern construction by purchasing our first CNC mill.
            1990 – The third extension was 15,000 sq. ft. and now housed twelve employees.
            1997 – Acquired our fourteenth CNC mill.
            2000 – Our fourth addition of 5,000 sq. ft. was erected.
            2004 – The fifth expansion of 3,000 sq. ft. was built to contain our 5-Axis SNK machine.
            2015 – We currently occupy 38,000 climate-controlled sq. ft. with 26 full-time employees, including a third generation


              Above the Crowd – We don’t settle for just good enough. We want peak performance every time. We call that Performance Without Limits. Do you have a strong patternmaking and/or technical background? Do you enjoy working in a fast-paced, dynamic team environment? If so, then Liberty Pattern Company, Inc. may be the right environment for you.

              Please e-mail your resume and cover letter to

              Liberty Pattern Company, Inc.
              P. O. Box 67
              430 Main Street
              New Liberty, IA 52765
              563.843.3569 (Phone) 563.843.3579 (Fax)


              We serve world industry from mid-America
              in the design & production of casting tooling.

              CNC Department

              Driving Your Vision — You are ready to go with a solid reference object, such as a blueprint or electronic model. Already have a 3D CAD model? We’ll work from that. Our CNC staff are a talented group of “drivers” for your vision too, with many years of proven performance on projects like yours. They’re also very meticulous about their workmanship. After all, this is your vision they’re driving.

              Keep in mind that Liberty Pattern Company is a full service shop. When we complete the CNC work, your project will move directly to the Wood/Plastic Shop or Metal Shop for the next phase of your pattern build. If your vision happens to be a large one, we can accommodate you from 3-axis up to 5-axis CNC mills with all the cross format capabilities it takes to match up with you. We also operate a row of five CNC mills for smaller work. Your project will never be bumped for something “bigger”. We have the equipment and the staff to keep it moving forward.

              Better Equipment + Better People = Better Performance. That equation applies to every job, every time. It’s your assurance of Performance Without Limits at Liberty Pattern.

              13 CNC Machines

              • 1 – Fadal VMC3016
              • 2 – Fadal VMC4020
              • 2 – Fadal VMC4525
              • 3 – Makino S56
              • 1 – Mazak Variaxis 630-5XII
              • 2 – Mazak VTC-800/30SR
              • 1 – SNK RB150F
              • 1 – SNK RB-2N

              CNC Department

              • Objet Eden 350V 3-D Printer
              • Multiple Machines with 5-Axis capabilities
              • Travel sizes up to 168” x 95” x 48”
              • Fully Custom Machining Available

              Fixture Department

              Quick and Precise – Committed to providing our customers with the services they need, Liberty Pattern Company has the capability of designing and building fixtures to your specifications. With high quality materials, time-proven methods and skilled craftsmanship, we ensure that every fixture performs as it was designed to. We have the capability of building many different type of fixtures.

              The fixture department joins together with the CAD & CNC Departments to design and build your project at the same time as the pattern, greatly reducing any chance for error. Properly built fixtures reduce waste by insuring perfectly fitting parts. Fixtures can be held by hand or as big as a car. Whether your production demands are repeated low or high volume, our fixtures help maintain quality standards.

              We provide precise and quick manufacturing by our fixture department on-site. Regardless of what your fixture needs are, we have the solution for you. That is our promise of Performance Without Limits!


              • Qualifying Target Fixtures
              • CNC Machining Fixtures
              • Casting Straightening Fixtures
              • Inspection Fixtures
              • Check Plates

              CNC Machines

              • 1 – Mazak Nexus 510C-II Vertical Center
              • 1 – Mazak Nexus 200-II Quick Turn


              No Tape Measure Needed – Metrology is a critical part of providing accurate and repeatable data. Our ROMER Absolute Arm with a fully integrated laser scanner system is an all-purpose tool for a multitude of applications. We have customers in a diverse range of industries such as: automotive, general manufacturing, agricultural, aircraft and aerospace. As a result, we understand the need for flexibility and individual requirements.

              The portability of the ROMER arm means that we can provide faster inspections which results in minimized production wait times, reduces scrap and rework and eliminates manual data entry.

              We support our customers with actionable measurement information along the complete life cycle of a project – from development and design to final inspection. Our trained professionals deliver Performance Without Limits.


              • ROMER Absolute Arm 7-Axis “SI” Series with Integrated Laser Scanner
              • Polyworks Software
              • Reverse Engineering

              Metal Shop

              Ready for anything – The Metal Shop touches most projects. We synchronize with our other departments creating a smooth flow throughout the building process, allowing for a quicker and more efficient construction time. We can fabricate fixture base plates and core box frames in exceptional time frames.

              Core setting gauges get fast delivery thanks to an extremely efficient and cost effective process that is Liberty Pattern’s Metal Shop trademark. These gauges are usually built and delivered before the foundry has sand cores available for assembly.

              Iron molds and core boxes, machined by Liberty Pattern’s CNC department, arrive here for final assembly and rigging.

              We’re ready for anything, including machining, welding, turning, fabricating and rigging. Rely on Liberty Pattern for small jobs or large, complex projects. That’s Performance Without Limits.

              Milling Machines

              • 2 – Series I Bridgeport Vertical Mills
              • 1 – HH Roberts 16 x 24 Vertical Mill
              • 1 – HH Roberts 11 x 40 Vertical Mill
              • 1 – Lagun FUZ-LA Horizontal Mill


              • 1 – Miller Dynasty 350 Tig Welder
              • 1 – Miller XMT450 Mig Welder
              • 1 – Miller Deltaweld 452 Mig Welder
              • 1 – Miller Deltaweld 302 Mig Welder
              • 1 – ESAB Powercut 1250 Plasma Cutter


              • 1 – 20” DoAll 2013-V3
              • 1 – DoAll C-916
              • 1 – Delta Model 14 Band Saw
              • 2 – 55C Panel Saw


              • 1 – 24” Kindt-Collins Model R Sander
              • 1 – 24” State Sander
              • 1 – 20” State Sander


              • 1 – 10’ x 12’ Sandblast Room with Clemco Model 2452
              • 1 – 24” x 48” Cyclone

              Drill Presses

              • 1 – Willis RD-1100 Big Bear Radial Arm Drill
              • 1 – Wilton 20” Drill Press


              • 1 – LeBlond Makino 15” Regal Servo Shift Engine Lathe
              • DAKE 50H Press

              Pattern Shop

              Doing it right – Doing it fast! – Concentration is essential to a patternmaker. That’s why we created individually equipped cubicles for each patternmaker. Each work area typically consists of a granite surface table, drill press, band saw, disc sander and a Bridgeport milling machine.

              Our patternmakers work under less pressure and are able to channel all their skills into the project with minimal distractions, thus increasing efficiency.

              The ability to stay focused is a valuable asset when you consider our commitment to completing your project in the shortest possible time. We’re equipped to work fast and accurately as we produce high quality, cost-efficient tooling integrating effortlessly with the CNC department and Metal Shop.

              Using our expertise we have implemented a plastics process which is used to produce patterns and core boxes. This process generates a quality tool with a quick turnaround time which is very cost effective.

              Our wood and plastic shop can accommodate the most intricate of requirements. Liberty Pattern’s decades of experience in the aircraft and aerospace industries are the muscle behind our commitment. Surpassing those rigid standards is Performance Without Limits.

              Pattern Shop

              • 5-Spindle Sanders
              • 2-MINIFIL Plastic Dispensers
              • 2-Planetary Mixers
              • 2-Overhead Pin Routers
              • 1-Radial Arm Saw

              • 1-Table Saw
              • 1-Panel Saw
              • 1-Jointer
              • 1-Planer
              • 1-Lathe

              CAD Design

              Think in 3D — Welcome to the dream shop, where elite Programmer/Operators roam the world of software. Each designer works from their own station continuously and is equipped with the industry’s leading-edge software and equipment. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve to secure your parts visions. All of our CAD designers have been trained and are highly skilled in the process.

              Design and dimensional work begins with your input: such as a blueprint or electronic model. Our CAD designer is able to work with your CAD format to reach your design’s maximum potential. If you aren’t CAD – equipped, we can work from your blueprint, concept, legal pad or sticky notes. To move a project along smoothly, you can upload your files directly to our servers. We’ll make your product, driven by your vision.

              We then create a 3-Dimensional computer model, generate a tool path program and execute it in our CNC mills.

              Our skill and intuitive solutions will save you time. Performance Without Limits means we challenge you to ask us for something we can’t do. Liberty Pattern CAD design is your path to faster development and reduced costs. Let’s get started with your concept and bring your 3D ideas to reality.

              CAD Design

              • Solidworks – (4) Fully Trained and Certified Solidworks Professionals
              • Catia
              • Enovia DMU Navigator
              • Polyworks
              • Mastercam
              • Reverse Engineering