Patternmaking Services

Liberty Pattern offers a wide variety of manufacturing services focused on meeting your project requirements.



Skilled programmers / operators use high precision CNC machines to move from the virtual design to the physical product.

Pattern shop

Experienced Journeymen Patternmakers produce a consistently high-quality product.  

Metal Shop

The latest in metal fabrication techniques are used for the customization of your project’s needs.



Expert designers leverage the latest in software to produce a pattern design that meets or exceeds any possible expectations.


Using advanced technologies, we can both reverse engineer existing equipment and perform inspections on current projects.


From design to construction of target fixtures, straightening fixtures and check plates. The Fixture department is another value-added service for our customers.

Additive Manufacturing

3D Printed Sand Cores and Molds

Giving our customers the ability to produce rapid prototypes, core assemblies printed as one core, small production lots, and much more.

3D Polyjet Printing

Polyjet printer is used for prototypes, scaled casting models, jigs and much more.