Sand Printing

Liberty Pattern leads the industry with cutting-edge technology to produce the highest quality sand cores, with the quickest turnaround in the industry!

S-Max™ 3D Sand Printer

The S-Max system, designed for sand casting foundries, prints complex and accurate sand cores and molds directly from CAD data, eliminating the need for a physical pattern.  The ability to cast in hours without hard tooling improves the entire casting process chain

S-Max Industry Leading Capabilities

Quick Turnaround

Large job box size. Easy unloading with automated transport system. Cores / molds ready for immediate casting.

Precision Accuracy

Highly accurate printing process guarantees highly accurate cores.


Combine complex printed cores with conventional sand molds.
Ideal for prototypes, spares and replacement parts.

Rapid Change

Suited for complex geometry Changes in CAD data can be implemented quickly!